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Ben Nevis, Scotland

"The markings upon the band begin to fade. The writing which at first was as clear as red flame, has all but disappeared, a secret now that only fire can tell.”

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I crave intimacy but I get confused and uncomfortable when I’m shown even the slightest bit of attention or affection.

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Posted: August 5th

Thank you Jesus, for allowing me to escape my old life, and for pursuing me at my darkest. These past two years you have worked unimaginably. When i thought I was content in my repetitive routine of life, you offered something more, knowing that wasn’t what you intended for me, and had something better. It’s truly your relentless love and grace which saves me. And I’m forever grateful for my new life in you, and knowing that it doesn’t end, because the adventure never ends for those who call on you.

Posted: August 4th
Calo anor na ven.

"It's important to remember that we all have magic inside us."
- J.K. Rowling